A five hour window of opportunity.

One of Adform’s latest projects offered an array of challenges and changes. Initial plans specified materials and finishes which needed to be changed due to budget restraints… a sign of the times.

After the de-fit, extra engineering for the shopfront was required prior to fit out, base air-conditioning ducts ran the length and width of the shop.

All joinery was built offsite in China and supplied as flat pack, Adform then transported to the site for installation.

The side wall above the escalators needed to be prefabricated then installed, but only after hours, giving a five hour window every night. Five nights later and the side wall was complete allowing Adform to tackle and de-fit the existing wall which included the stone cladding.

Adding to the challenges, a boom lift was necessary to install a side wall due to the complex location above 3 floors of escalators. The weight of the panels had to be constructed in sections 300mm wide adding to the difficulty of the install.

Every step of the installation was under strict guidelines and instructions, each morning all stages needed to be signed off by Centre Management prior to work commencing, including cleaners and security.

It could be deemed ‘amazingly’, the handover was before the date scheduled, to Adform, it’s just another day.

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